BadBunny : World's Best Auto-Staking USDC Rewards Protocol built on Ethereum Blockchain

A never seen before unique, auto-staking, DeFi protocol on Ethereum Blockchain. BadBunny's innovative, built-in, USDC rewards protocol yields the highest returns. BadBunny also has built in tax incetives for future NFT holders, as well as a never seen before built in biggest buy competition.

What is BadBunny?

BadBunny is transforming the DeFi scene with the BadBunny Autostaking Protocol that delivers industrys most sustainable USDC rewards protocol, and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio in your wallet, fast.

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Autoliquidity System

Unlike Safuu and its forks our Auto-Liquidity System has been re-designed to continuously inject automatic liquidity into the market, smoothly, and seamlessly, raising the amount of liquidity in the pool to help grow the LP balance and stability of our price.

USDC Rewards Protocol

A Percentage of all BadBunny tokens traded are exchanged for USDC and dispersed proportionally to your BadBunny Holdings

Built-In Biggest Buy Contest

An industry first built-in biggest buy competition. Competitions can be triggered at any moment for any length of time or scheduled to start at a certain time. Our biggest buy competition dapp provides real-time leaderboard and results for competitions

BadBunny NFT's

A unique collection of 2500 NFTs that will gain holders a chance at a high paying lottery, rewards, and numerous other upcoming utilities.

BadBunny Vaults & Liquidity Locking Services


Q3 2022

Stealth Launch
Community Building
Major Marketing Push
Launch Website, Dapp, and minting
NFT Release
NFT Staking and Utilities

Q4 2022

Further Marketing
CMC and CG Listing (if not sooner)
CEX Listings
Wide Expansion of Marketing Reach
P2E Games Development
Development of Liquidity Locker and Vault Services
Develop Strategic Partnerships
Creation of DAO
Finalizing DAO Platform

Q1 2023

Finalizing & Launch of Liquidity Locking & Vault Platform
Development of Crosschain Bridges
Additional Marketing Push
P2E Games Unveiling

Q2 2023

More partnerships
Governance and Voting improvements
Finalizing & Launch of Crosschain Bridges
Continued Marketing Expansion
Research and Exploration into Alternate Avenues of Expansion